Selling Your Home Without a Realtor in 2023

Selling your home without a realtor is possible and may not necessarily be more difficult. However, it is normally recommended only if you have a suitable alternative.

The duties of a real estate agent in selling a house include:

• Assisting in determining a reasonable price based on recent market trends

• Aiding in preparing the house for sale

• Providing advice on home improvements, repairs, and staging

• Listing the home for sale

• Promoting the home

• Organizing and scheduling showings

• Facilitating negotiations

• Completing necessary documentation

If you are well-organized and dedicated, you can undertake these duties yourself, but it’s crucial to be prepared and knowledgeable.

Why Should I Sell My House Without a Realtor?

When selling a house, it is typical for real estate commissions to be between 3%-6%, which can amount to thousands of dollars. However, by selling your own home without the assistance of a realtor, you can save a considerable amount of money that could be used to purchase a new vehicle, pay for your child’s education, or even take a dream vacation.

Moreover, selling your house on your own gives you greater control over the process and allows you to make decisions that align with your specific needs and goals. You also could connect directly with potential buyers and negotiate terms that are favorable to both parties.

However, selling your home can be a challenging and time-consuming process, and it requires a good understanding of the real estate market, pricing strategies, and legal requirements. Therefore, it is essential to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of selling your home without a realtor and consider seeking professional guidance if necessary to avoid common mistakes.

Pros and Cons of Selling a House Without a Realtor

Being knowledgeable about the advantages and disadvantages of selling your home without a real estate agent is crucial.


No Commissions

By selling your home without a realtor, you could potentially save the commission of around 2.5% to 3%.

Fast Closing

By selling your house to an investment company, you can expect a swift and efficient process with the possibility of closing the deal within just 2-3 weeks.

More control over the process

Selling your house on your own means you have more control over the process and can make decisions based on your own timeline and preferences.


No Access to the MLS

The MLS platform can only be accessed by registered agents and brokers, making it impossible to list your house on the platform if you choose to sell it without the assistance of a real estate agent.

Poor Customer Service

Selling a property without a realtor might become expensive if you don’t obtain assistance when needed. You should be ready to answer questions and guide interested buyers anytime they call to make enquiries. This is not an easy skill to develop.


Real estate brokers usually take care of the intricate paperwork, but if you choose to do it on your own, you will also have to manage the intricacies.

<h2>What Are the Ways of Selling a Home Without a Realtor?

Sell Your House for Cash

Cash home buyers offer a simple and straightforward process for homeowners who need to sell their houses quickly. These buyers are real estate investors who can provide an upfront cash offer on your property, allowing you to avoid the hassle of going through the traditional home-selling process. To sell your house to a cash home buyer, you provide them with the necessary details of your property, and they evaluate the information and provide you with a cash offer. If you accept the offer, the closing can take place in as little as two weeks.

Include Property in an Online Listing

Selling a home without a real estate agent has become simpler than ever before with the rise in popularity of online services that allow sellers to advertise their properties. One of the primary benefits of these services is the ability to include your property in an online listing.

Online property listings have gained immense popularity and receive thousands of visitors each day. These listings enable visitors to search for houses for sale based on various criteria such as location, number of rooms, and more.

While there are several online listing sites available, most of them synchronize their lists to create a standardized directory of properties available for sale. This allows potential buyers to have a comprehensive view of the properties available and make informed decisions about which property suits their needs.


Pure FSBO refers to a do-it-yourself strategy for selling a property without the involvement of a listing agent. While this approach provides sellers with complete control over the procedure, it also requires them to handle all the paperwork independently.

Selling a property through FSBO has its advantages and disadvantages. On the positive side, it enables sellers to avoid paying a commission to a real estate agent. However, on the negative side, it requires sellers to handle everything from listing to closing without any assistance or supervision.


In conclusion, selling a house without a realtor is a feasible option for homeowners who are willing to put in the time and effort to manage the process themselves. While it may seem daunting at first, with the right tools and resources, such as online listing platforms and legal support, it is possible to navigate the home selling process independently. However, it’s important to keep in mind that a real estate agent’s expertise and industry connections can be valuable assets, especially in complex situations. Ultimately, whether to sell a house with or without a realtor depends on personal preferences, available resources, and specific circumstances.

This article is meant for informational purposes only. We recommend to consult with a professional advisor regarding your situation.