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How to Sell Your Home in Smyrna

Selling your home is easier than you think! Follow these 3 simple steps to convert your home into cash.

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Are you finally ready to sell your home to a cash buyer, but you don’t know where to start? Falcon Home Buyers can help you. It’s best to contact us immediately to get a fair offer on your house. Generally, it’s a five-minute call. In fact, it doesn’t matter what condition the property is in. We make cash offers within a few minutes.

What does that mean for you? Well, you don’t have to get an inspection on the property or have it evaluated. Likewise, there’s no marketing involved or showing the home to potential buyers!

We realize that this doesn’t explain much, so let’s dive into the simple process necessary to turn your house into cash that you can use for anything.

Simply fill out our form or give us a call. If you would like to learn more About Us before submitting your details, feel free to visit Our Website.

Once you’ve viewed our information and left your details, we call you to discuss your needs, situation and determine the house’s condition to provide an offer. However, if you would feel more comfortable dealing with us face to face, we can make arrangements to view the home and give an in-person offer.

When you receive the offer, take some time to review it. Once it is accepted, you should choose an appropriate closing date. Ensure you check with the next home’s owners to ensure that you can move in after closing with us. In fact, we work hard to make sure to close the deal when you’re ready. A friendly representative walks you through the entire process and is there to answer questions.

We Buy Houses in Smyrna

Falcon Home Buyers buys homes in Smyrna for cash and is a local house-buying company. We are here to simplify the selling process, which means you spend less effort, money, and time.

In fact, our services include everything, so there are no cleaning, repairs, inspections, commissions, and hidden costs associated with selling your home. It doesn’t matter what condition the house is in, either! Likewise, you don’t have to provide a reason for selling; we simply buy it from you and give you a fair cash deal.

Our team has accumulated the experience and knowledge required to understand property values in the Smyrna area. That means we can guarantee better offers and provide a reliable and professional service.

We do this by purchasing residential properties in the Smyrna, Georgia, region. This provides homeowners with a hassle-free and quick way to sell homes. In fact, we’re committed to helping people who might be overwhelmed by missed payments, expensive repairs, and costly maintenance.

When you use our services, you avoid third parties, including real estate agents, banks, and inspectors. This saves you plenty of time and streamlines the selling process.

Overall, we realize that not everyone can afford the associated costs and time that are necessary to spend when selling a home. Therefore, we have created a solution that helps these homeowners. Sell your Smyrna house easily and quickly. It doesn’t even matter why you want to sell; we’ve got options that fit your needs.

Is it possible to sell your house quickly in Smyrna? Yes! You simply have to

Selling Your House in
Smyrna The Traditional Way

Typically, it takes eight steps to sell a house the traditional way. These include:

Hire a Listing Agent

– Most homeowners don’t have time to learn the ins and outs of selling by owner. Therefore, they must hire a listing agent familiar with the market. Typically, they help with all aspects, such as advertising, research, and listing creation.

Decide on Your Listing Price

– With the agent on your side, it’s time to research the market and make some decisions about the sale. This includes finding the best listing (asking) price. That’s the amount of money you want a buyer to pay to get your home and includes various factors, such as the season, property condition, and market state in the area.

Determine How Long It Should Take

 – The traditional home-selling process will not happen overnight, and important factors come into play. For example, the time it sits on the market determines how long it will take to sell. Higher asking prices and poor market conditions may also mean longer wait periods. That’s why it’s generally best to work with our team.

Renovate, Stage, and Make Repairs

– Typically, you will need to make repairs and do some home renovations to make the house presentable. These should increase the home’s value and add to the curb appeal. Likewise, home staging ensures that everything looks perfect when buyers come to check out the premises. Just remember that this can get expensive!

List the House on the Market

– Once your home is in decent shape, you can list it to attract buyers. The agent often does this through the MLS (multiple listing service), which is the database that shows all current for-sale properties in the area.

Market Your Property Offline and Online

 – Advertising that the home is for sale ensures that the listing reaches appropriate buyers when they’re ready to view. This includes “for sale” signs, open houses, and other marketing tactics. Don’t forget about online requirements, such as excellent photos and virtual tours!

Settle on the Final Offer

 – Once you have a decent offer, there are many steps involved to finalize everything.

Close the Deal

 – You’re ready to close the deal now.

As you can see, there are many steps involved when selling your house traditionally. Often, it’s less complicated and faster to sell to us.

Why Sell Your House to a
Professional Home Buyer in Smyrna?

Don’t feel bad about being overwhelmed when it comes to selling your home. This is the place you’ve lived in for years and have created memories that will last a lifetime. Those who have never used cash-for-home services before may wonder if it’s the best idea to use our company.

In fact, there’s no easier way available to sell your Smyrna home. Here are the top reasons to work with us:

Sell the home on your schedule when it fits your needs

We provide fair offers and never use lowball tactics to get a higher profit.

Fast, easy and hassle-free.

We are a local business, so we understand what Smyrna homeowners go through.
You don’t have to deal with third parties, such as inspectors, home improvement professionals, or real estate agents.
There’s a simpler selling process with us.
We have more than 10 years of experience in the Smyrna real estate industry.

We give you a simple solution to your situation, regardless of what it is.

We Buy Houses in Smyrna in Any Situation

We realize that homeowners have various issues they must face. It’s difficult to list them all, but here are the most common situations when people turn to us for help:

Significant Repairs Needed

If your home is in disrepair, it might cost thousands upon thousands of dollars to fix it. Even if you don’t plan to live there, you likely can’t sell to a traditional buyer without significant renovations, and that can be too expensive for your needs.

Selling a vacant house is Smyrna

Most people purchase a home to live in, but you may have one that hasn’t sold and is now sitting empty. Instead of letting it go into disrepair (which would cost you so much more), it’s probably wise to sell it.

Selling a rental house in Smyrna

If you use the home as a rental property and are tired of the hassle, it’s wise to sell. However, most buyers shy away because of the rules in place for the tenant. We can tackle that for you, and you never have to use threats or go through the eviction process. In fact, it’s one of the easiest ways to get rid of an unwanted rental property!

Selling an inherited house in Smyrna

While a loved one thought of you before they passed away, you may not need the house you inherited. Instead of spending more money on property taxes and insurance for a place you don’t require, you can sell it to us and move on with life.

Selling a Pre-foreclosure house in Smyrna

If you’re facing foreclosure, you need a reliable cash home buyer to save you time and money. Generally, foreclosures ruin credit scores and go right back to the bank. You don’t get anything if that happens, so it’s wiser to work with a reliable buyer to at least get something out of the house and not harm your credit score.


Before we started this business, we felt that the real estate market in Smyrna had no direct approach. That’s where we came in – we brought the falcon mentality to all real estate transactions with a hassle-free and quick process.

We don’t list homes and are not agents. Instead, we’re professional home buyers. Our team has extensive real estate experience and builds long-term relationships with clients. This helped us become a reputable company. In fact, it’s taught us that many homeowners have unique situations where they don’t want to deal with commissions, agents, closing costs, repairs, and unqualified buyers.

Falcon Home Buyers is reachable and easily accessible. In fact, we can hold your hand throughout the process and are focused on helping in your situation. In short, the Falcon Mentality we bring to the table delivers every time!

Learn more about us or read the testimonials below!

I’ve sold four houses in the past and the process with these guys was the easiest I had so far. They took care of everything and were flexible on terms and closing date.
Gary H. Smyrna, GA
I had a good experience with Falcon. They bought my home within less than 3 weeks and I got a nice price
Wayne B. Marietta, GA
They had very good service. There was always someone available to talk to. Very helpful and caring.
Carol R. Smyrna GA