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How to Sell Your Home in Jonesboro

If you're looking to sell your home in Jonesboro, here are the steps you need to take:

Contact Us / Provide Your Details

Get in touch with us. We'll ask you some questions about your home and its condition to offer you a personalized solution.

Get an As-Is Cash Offer

No need to wait for months or deal with hidden fees. Once you contact us, we'll provide you with a fair offer without any obligations.

Select the Closing Date That Suits Your Needs

Sell your home to Falcon Home Buyers and close whenever you want. We offer a flexible closing date that suits your needs.

If you’re considering selling your home to a cash buyer, you may have questions about the offer you’ll receive and when you can settle. Our company can provide answers and make the process easy.

With us, you can get a fair offer within minutes of contacting us, regardless of your property’s condition. No inspections or evaluations required. Just follow a few simple steps: contact us, share details about yourself and your home, and receive your cash offer.

To get started, fill out our form with your personal information. For more information about our company, visit our “About Us” section on our website. If you prefer a face-to-face meeting, we can accommodate that too.

Once we have your information, we’ll contact you to discuss your needs and expectations. Then, we’ll provide you with an offer, which you can review and accept at your convenience. Our representatives are available to assist you throughout the process.

Cash Home Buyers in Jonesboro, GA

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As a locally owned company, we have a deep understanding of the real estate market in Jonesboro, Georgia. This allows us to offer you an easy, fast, and stress-free process when selling your property.

At Falcon Home Buyers, we provide a range of services to ensure that selling your house is hassle-free. From cleaning to inspections and repairs, we take care of everything so you can receive quick cash for your house as soon as possible.

Don’t worry if your house is in poor condition, we buy properties in any state. We provide a fair offer without asking why you have decided to sell.

Our team comprises experienced professionals with in-depth knowledge of the Jonesboro real estate market. We provide you with the best offer possible with premium service and ensure you know the real value of your home.

How did we achieve this goal? We purchase your house ourselves! By eliminating third parties such as banks, real estate agents, and inspectors, we make the process of selling your property simple and time-saving.

We understand that each customer’s needs are different. Therefore, we offer multiple options to meet every situation.

Wondering if selling a house fast in Jonesboro, Georgia is possible? The answer is yes. Contact us today to get started!

Why Sell Your House to a
Professional Home Buyer in Jonesboro?

Feeling frustrated or overwhelmed by the complex process of selling your house? You’re not alone. It can be difficult to face the fact that you’ll be leaving your home. But exchanging your property for cash with a service like ours may be just what you need.

Here are some reasons why Falcon Home Buyers could be the solution you’re looking for:

No third parties or long wait times

Easy and fast process for selling a house

Fair offers with no hidden fees

Reliable, experienced, and top-quality service

Years of experience in the Jonesboro real estate sector

Solutions for those who need to turn their properties into quick cash

  • Close on your schedule
  • Fair offers provided on the first call

We Buy Houses in Jonesboro in Any Situation

Selling a property can be a challenging and time-consuming process for many homeowners due to various difficulties they may encounter. These challenges are among the most common:

Selling a Fixer-Upper in Jonesboro

If you have a fixer-upper property, you can consider selling it to real estate investors who specialize in buying such properties. These investors often have the resources and expertise to handle renovations and repairs and can offer you a fair price for the property.

Selling a Rental House in Jonesboro

Selling a rental property can be challenging, especially if you have tenants living in it. However, you can still sell the property by either waiting for the lease to expire or negotiating with the tenant to move out earlier. You can also sell the property to a real estate investor who may be interested in buying a rental property with tenants.

Selling a Vacant House in Jonesboro

If you have a vacant property, you can consider selling it to a real estate investor who is looking for properties to buy and hold for the long term. These investors may be interested in the property's potential for appreciation, rental income or fix and flip.

Selling a Pre-foreclosure House Jonesboro

If you are facing foreclosure, selling your home quickly can help you avoid the negative impact on your credit score and financial future. You can sell your property to a real estate investor who can offer you a fair price for the property and help you avoid foreclosure.

Selling an Inherited House in Jonesboro

If you have inherited a property that you do not want, you can sell it to a real estate investor who can offer you a fair price for the property. You can use the money from the sale to pay off any debts or invest in something else.


Before we started this business, we recognized a void in the Jonesboro, Georgia real estate market. We decided to bring our Falcon mindset to fill it, providing residents with the best solutions to sell their houses. Throughout the years, we have offered our clients a simple yet efficient way of selling their houses: we buy them ourselves. Our commitment to making the process easy and providing fair deals has earned us a strong reputation in the industry.

Our focus on building lasting relationships with our Jonesboro clients is another priority. At Falcon Home Buyers, we understand that every situation is unique and we are willing to discuss your needs to offer you personalized solutions that help you achieve your goals.
By selling your home to us, you can avoid hidden fees, high closing costs, agents, repairs, and more. Falcon Home Buyers has everything you need to facilitate the home-selling process, guiding you through each phase to provide you with the best tools to secure a decent deal and benefit from the sale of your prized property.

Still unsure about us? Check out our previous customers' experiences and reach out to us for more information!

These guys were professional and supportive.
Ethan K. Jonesboro, GA
Thanks Falcon. I appreciate everything you did!
Jane B. Morrow, GA
I sold them both of my rentals. One was vacant and the other was still with the tenant inside. I got a good price and they were very straight forward.
Michael W. Jonesboro, GA