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Sell in Any Condition. You Choose the Closing Date. Zero Closing Costs. Zero Commissions. Zero Hassle.

How to Sell Your Home in Decatur

A complicated and stressful  process is unnecessary. You can sell your home without all the hassle. Just follow the next steps!

Get in Touch

We want to know more about you first. Our company will need some information, so we’ll call you. When we talk, you can tell us about your house and situation.

Get Our Cash Offer

Without further ado, we’ll make an offer. You won’t have to worry about closing costs or commissions with us.

Pick the Best Closing Date

You’re the one who gets to decide when to close. Therefore, you can choose whichever date fits your needs.

Our company, Falcon Home Buyers, offers a top-notch team you would enjoy working with. Contact us soon and get an appealing offer for your house. In most cases, our calls with clients are very short – we immediately make an offer, regardless of your house’s condition!

Fill out the online form or contact us. You can learn more about our company through our website if you want. Some people do that before submitting their details.

In addition, some clients prefer making deals face-to-face. We can schedule an appointment if you want, and we’ll go see you and your property.

Finally, once you receive our offer, you should take some time to review it. You must choose the most convenient closing date. Moreover, you must ensure that the home you’re moving into will be available when we close.

Cash Home Buyers in Decatur, GA

Falcon Home Buyers is a specialized, local home-buying company. We purchase houses in Decatur, and we make sure that for you, the process is hassle-free.

If you work with us, you won’t have to take care of anything. We’ll do it for you. Forget about additional expenses, commissions, or repairs. Our company also doesn’t care about the condition of your property, and we won’t mind your reason for selling – we’ll just make an offer!

Falcon Home Buyers offers a knowledgeable and experienced team. Since we have been around for years, we have the necessary information pertaining to the real estate market in Decatur. Thus, the services we offer are high-quality and we’ll guarantee we’ll give you fantastic options.

Part of our success is to know a lot about Decatur after purchasing numerous properties in the area. We have an expert team we rely on, so each time we make an offer, we pour our heart and knowledge into it.

Our goal is to provide homeowners with a hassle-free selling alternative. Therefore, we’ll give you a fantastic option to quickly sell your home!

A committed team is at your disposal when you’re working with us. We know clients are often overwhelmed by payments, commissions, fees, repairs, etc, so we want to help you.

Using our services means you don’t have to rely on third parties. In other words, you won’t have to deal with banks, real estate agents, or inspectors. Consequently, you’ll save time because you’ll streamline your efforts.

Overall, we understand that many people struggle to pay for the costs of selling a house. Our company came up with a solution for you! We don’t look at why you want to sell your property, we only make a fair cash offer!  

Let’s get started!

Selling Your House in
Decatur The Traditional Way

Selling your house the traditional way means you’ll have to go through eight specific steps. Take a look:

Choose a Listing Agent

– Selling a home requires knowing a lot about the market, and many homeowners don’t have time to learn. Therefore, you may need to hire someone who understands these intricacies.

Decide on a Convenient Price

– You can start doing market research and making crucial decisions after working with an agent. You probably need to evaluate different listings, for example, since this will influence how much money you get for your property.

Identify How Long it Must Take

– Selling your house quickly is almost impossible when you’re doing things the traditional way. In addition, the time your property spends on the market could also influence how long a buyer takes to purchase it.

Make Your House Presentable

– To sell your house as quickly as possible, you may need to make some repairs, and this takes time.

List Your Property on the Real Estate Market

– Once your home is presentable, you can list it for buyers to find. Overall, your agent should take care of this process, and they’ll make sure your property is visible to numerous people in the area.

Use Different Strategies to Draw Attention

– You can try different marketing tactics to sell your property faster.

Pick an Offer

– Choosing an offer is not as straightforward as it seems. You’ll have to go through different steps as well.

Settle and Finish it All

– After choosing an offer and settling on it, you should be able to close the deal.

As you may have seen, selling your house the traditional way requires you to go through numerous steps. However, with us, things can be much more straightforward!

Why Sell Your House to a
Professional Home Buyer in Decatur?

Clients are often overwhelmed by the selling process. It makes sense because it’s likely the place you lived in for many years. You must’ve made memories there, and now, you may feel conflicted about selling it.

We understand all of that and we want to help you through it. Working with us is very different from relying on any other company, and many clients wonder why. Here are some of the top reasons:

You can choose what fits your needs best and pick the closing date of your preference.

We’d never try to make a profit off making lowball offers - on the contrary, we always give you the best alternative.

We have an expert, reliable, and trustworthy team.

With us, you don’t need to worry about third parties, so no banks, improvement professionals, home inspectors, or real estate agents will intervene.

Our business caters to locals, and we know what you’re going through if you’re trying to sell in Decatur.

There’s an easier and smoother selling process with us.

We provide solutions and alternatives to your situation regardless of what you’re going through.

Our company many years of experience in Decatur, you can trust us.

We Buy Houses in Decatur in Any Situation

It sounds daunting, but the truth is that homeowners face numerous issues when they’re trying to sell their properties. Listing everything is impossible, but here are some of the most common problems:

Selling a fixer-upper house in Decatur

If you’re planning to sell your house, it usually must be presentable. This process can cost thousands of dollars, even if you’ve never lived in your house before. In addition, it takes a lot of time, so keep that in mind if you’re thinking about getting started.

Selling a rental house in Decatur

Renting your house may be convenient for some time, but it can also become stressful. If you’re tired of it, selling the property may be wise. Nonetheless, some homeowners shy away from this option for fear of dealing with eviction notices and threats. With us, you have nothing to worry about - we’ll handle everything!

Selling a vacant house in Decatur

Most people buy properties because they want to live in them, but this is not always the case. You may have one and want to sell it, and this is a much better alternative than waiting for the house to go into disrepair.

Selling a Pre-foreclosure house in Decatur

Facing foreclosure can be scary, and you need a trustworthy buyer. Otherwise, you risk not getting any money from your property. You’ll have to work with someone truly interested in buying your house!

Selling an inherited house in Decatur

A loved one may have given you a property and passed their legacy on. However, this doesn’t mean you have to keep it if you don’t want to. You can avoid paying those taxes by selling it to us instead.


We considered many things before starting this business. One of the essential aspects we kept in mind was that we couldn’t find a direct approach to Decatur’s real estate market.


Since what we were looking for was rare, we decided to make it from scratch. Our goal was to bring the Falcon mentality into the picture, so we focused on offering something  almost no one else did: we wanted to provide clients with a hassle-free alternative.


We don’t list homes, and we’re not real estate agents. Instead, we’re professionals, specializing in home buying. Our knowledgeable team has years of experience in the real estate industry, and they are trained to give you the best customer service possible.


Our company has served clients for years, so we’ve learned a lot. Nowadays, we’re reputable experts. We know many clients want to avoid dealing with repairs, fees, commissions, listings, etc.


If you work with our expert team, you’ll find they’re friendly, comprehensive, accessible, knowledgeable, and reachable. Our goal is to guide you through the process and make things as hassle-free as possible.


The Falcon mentality brings new things to the table - an approach that caters to clients who want to live a simpler life. It starts by making the selling process easier, and that’s what we offer!

Take a look at what others have said about us and reach out:

I got a good price for my house at Decatur. They were very professional and kind throughout the whole process.
Dana C. Decatur, GA
It was nice and easy. I would definitely recommend if you don't want to deal with the house.
Jim D Atlanta, GA
Closing was fast. I'm really happy with them.
Erica B. Atlanta, GA